And Then, I Fixed It!

I was once told that when you are creating something artistic and you make a mistake,  you should step back and wait a bit before you discard it. Give it some time, go back to it and see if you can’t do something WITH your mistake.

Well, I had a vision for these here book cases we got from our friends. They were just typical book cases, probably around 20 years old or more, but they were nice and tall and had adjustable shelves. I had an idea I wanted to try with them from my fav blog, Young House Love. I wanted to paint the backing of one of the book cases so that it would match the stripes in my youngest son’s room.

I got all motivated, primed it (because I figured that is all I would need to do to make the paint stick) and then painted it. I loved how it turned out! But then, alas, when I went to pull the tape off of the edges, the paint came with it and peeled off all around the edges! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

I was crushed.

I had to just walk away with my head hung in shame. I should have sanded it first. Boo. I couldn’t decide if I was going to peel the whole dang thing off and start all over again or do something else.

Then as I was perusing the net I saw a picture of a book case that had been decoupaged. I remembered my friend Kelli McGill had decoupaged an adorable table for her girls and I got to thinking….I have some seriously cute scrapbook paper. If I got myself some spray adhesive and glued it over my mistakes, that book case would look super cute and I wouldn’t have to scrap the whole project!!

I liked the idea, but it made me so nervous. I didn’t want to mess it up again!

Well, today, as it poured down rain and the babies slept, I decided I was feeling crafty. I gave it a whirl and WOW! It worked! I fixed it!!!!!

Sorry for the bad garage lighting...but you get the idea!

So now, all I need is the hubbs to bring it in the house for me so I can set it up in the boy’s room. Complete with books, toys and various chotchkies.  YAY!

The Fireplace Project Reveal

Back in June, I wrote this post about the fireplace in our “den”. I was really nervous about potentially painting the brick surround because, once you do it, you can’t take it back!

However, I just felt this nagging pull to do it. I’m such a rebel…

I did it!

Here is the before shot:

Ho Hum...

And here is the after!


I went ahead and primed &  sealed the brick with some Behr. But after I had a good coat of primer on it, I felt like,”hey, it looks exactly like I painted it. It’s sealed…it’s fine”! So I left it without paint. I can always run a little white paint over it if I decide not to leave it this way.

Now, my best friend already confessed she doesn’t like it. And, that’s ok. I like it. I think it makes the room pop and it does what I wanted it to do for this whole room; moves it one step away from traditional.

This project was NOT as easy as the couple over at YHL said it would be….but it wasn’t hard either. It was time consuming.

Also for the den, that cute chair I found on Craigslist was just too ecrue for me…I wanted a softer cream color. So I bought a slipcover at Target on a whim and tossed it on there.

Better color...

I can’t find a before picture of this chair! I think I only took them on my phone. BOOO! (I know I can get pics off my phone…somehow.) So just believe me…’cause I don’t want to take the slip cover off to show you…maybe I’ll just lift up a corner or something or go to Facebook and you can see the difference. But you get the idea.

The next project? Finding some fun wallpaper to put in the back of the built-ins! (I won’t actually stick it on…I’ll just tack it up there so I can take it down if I don’t like it later…or right away!) That’ll be a more drawn out project I imagine. There’s lots of measuring involved and random browsing/shopping…things I can’t do with kids around. Hurray for house projects!