School Daze and New Beginnings!



Cooper and Chase
Cooper and Chase

This. I blinked and here they are, all ready for school and eager for what’s ahead. Preschool, First grade and Fourth grade.  As I searched through the incredibly unorganized photo files on my computer to post these pictures, I found stuff like this hanging around.

August 2013 hugger

My sweet girl Cecelia in her Christmas dress! AH! She melts me...
My sweet girl Cecelia in her Christmas dress! AH! She melts me…

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All he wants for Christmas!
All he wants for Christmas!


Chase's FAVORITE thing to do is cuddle with his sister. It's so adorable
Chase’s FAVORITE thing to do is cuddle with his sister. It’s so adorable
This is what Cecelia did....
This is what Cecelia did….

Oh…be still my heart! I treasure these little people. They are a delight to my heart. I love that I get to be their Mom and watch them grow. I love seeing their little personalities develop and it makes me want to dance and sing to see the lovely people they are becoming. I pray that as I send them out a little at a time in these school days ahead of us, that they feel celebrated for who they are. I pray that they feel blessed to go and grow. I pray they feel the swelling pride I have for them. Because they are beautiful creatures.

And if I feel this way about my little babies (who are clearly not so little) then it stirs my soul to think about how God feels about me.

I have NO idea what’s ahead for me personally and I’m working on being satisfied with that mystery as I enter this new stage of life where my children are at school and I’m….what am I?  I’m working on not “proving” myself as a woman to the world because I do not have to do that! I am both enough and not too much to Jesus. My life feels so connected to their lives. That quote about how having children is like having your heart walk around outside your body, that’s so true. I have three pieces of my heart hanging out in this world!

My future is so entwined with theirs that I am feeling all sorts of sweeping emotions and I am daring to dream about what this looks like for me.

These are exciting times and it is with joy that I send them out and accomplish my list of things to do today.

Conversations with my Kids

I’ve gotten into the habit lately of unloading the dishwasher immediately after I wake up in the morning (and while I wait for my coffee to finish steeping). It’s a good and productive reason for me to stay in the kitchen while the kids are eating breakfast. No-I don’t eat breakfast with them because I need a little time to wake up before I eat. That’s a separate post someday…

This morning, while I was unloading the dishwasher, the kids witnessed me pulling out the whisk attachment for my Kitchen aid mixer. Cecelia said, “Mommy, what are you stirring?!” as I leaned over to put it away. I replied, “nothing sweetie, I’m just putting it away, I’m all done with it” to which Cooper responded, “um, yeah, it’s been a really long time since you’ve used that mom.” I smirked at his innuendo of some sweets to eat because Cooper has a sweet tooth like the Grand Canyon. “Sweet heart, I used the mixer yesterday. So no, it hasn’t been that long since I’ve used it.”

“Yeah,” said Cooper with a very down-turned mouth, “but it has been a long time since you made cookies”.

Have I mentioned I have a foodie blog?