Seventh Heaven with Phineas and Ferb

Cooper went back and forth all summer about his choice for the theme of his seventh birthday celebration. He finally landed on either a spy party or Phineas and Ferb. Thanks to a solid month of Disney cartoons in the morning, he chose P&F! I was excited for his choice because I was pretty sure I could pull off a fun party and a great cake. When it was all said and done, Jeremy said (as we collapsed in exhaustion) “Babe, that was one of your best parties yet!”. So, I think it was a success!

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For games we did an air guitar contest (for the episode of P&F where Baljeet plays guitar)and wrap the mummy (for the episode of P&F where they are in Egypt). For crafts, we made an Eiffel tower out of marshmallows and toothpicks (for the episode of P&F where they go to Paris) and we made Perry (for the episode of P&F where they make the Perry the Platypus Inaction figure)! I like to keep things simple so the prizes were little gold medals. They were all champions anyway.

I never was able to find a real food theme in any P&F cartoons, so we just made up a menu that sounded good; bbq chicken sandwiches, turkey and cheese sandwiches, veggie cups, chips, fresh fruit and of course, cake! (I wanted to make these adorable sandwiches that look like the characters’ heads, but I am not quite THAT awesome yet.)

The P&F Lemonade Stand

For the cake I made a Perry the Platypus. Thank you Pinterest.

Me and the Birthday Boy!

I also made a “lemonade” stand P&F style for beverages. As usual, Jeremy kept the party moving. He is the official party MC in our home and he performs his duties with expert level fun and even a little chaotic organization. He alone can get a mass of children hopped up on lemonade and frosting and marshmallows to quietly listen to him explain something.

Everything went off swimmingly, even the candle that was an actual sparkler! And, we didn’t burn down the basement or cause the smoke alarms to go off…though, now I wonder if I should check them, because it was pretty smokey down there…

This is so my favorite picture. Have you seen a happier kid?

We also promised Cooper that he and Dad would go with a friend (and his Dad) to Six Flags for his birthday. That was just part of his present from us. Cooper chose Nick and his Dad, Andrew, to join in on the fun. The guys all left the house bright and early that Saturday morning. We didn’t see them again until 7:00 pm that night! Cooper and Nick did NOT want to ride any of the roller coasters. They looked too ominous to them. But they did do the water park (which they totally loved!) and one ride..the Mine Train.  The Scooby Doo ride was a little bit scary for the boys I think.

Here they are looking hot and tired!


We have a family tradition with the kids that on the morning of their birthday, they wake up to a room filled with balloons. This year Cooper actually remembered that this is a “thing” we do in our family for everyone and he was so excited about it. All day long on his birthday, he kept pretending to faint and would say, “oh, I’m in kid heaven!”. It was very silly and very funny.

We bought Cooper one of those “sparking” scooters…he was VERY happy
Happy Birthday Mr. C!

P.S. Special thanks to Bryan McGranahan for his fancy camera shots. What a fun and special birthday it was!