Long Live Summer

Today we are officially 8 days away from school starting. I am always sad to see summer go and yet the idea of a new norm and routine is also exciting for me. I let all my plans and routines go in the summer time and our motto becomes “go with the flow-it’s summer”. But once school starts we are back to a schedule.

This year we add a new phase-Cecelia will be going to preschool three days a week. My Mommy-heart can hardly stand it and I’ve had to fight with myself for months over our decision because I ALWAYS think, as each of my children has approached this age, that three is just too young for school.

However, I’ve regretted not sending Chase to preschool for two consecutive years when I had the opportunity. Even though I considered it, I allowed the “he’s just too young!” to change my mind. While each child is unique and has their own personality-especially in regards to how they learn and what pace they maintain, I still think an extra year would have helped him.

So with that in mind, I registered Cece for school. I hope my heart will come around to what I’ve done!

The good news is that she’s totally pumped! She makes friends with other children very quickly (i.e. 30 seconds) and I know she’ll enjoy the mix of play and crafts and new experiences. It’s been fun to see all the ways she is different from her brothers and I have a feeling I’ll experience the same emotions as I watch her grow with preschool.

In the mean time, we are holding onto our remaining days of summer. We’ve had a lot of fun recently and we intend to keep it up while we can! I treasure my job as my kids mom and the opportunity to be with them and engage them on a daily basis. It’s both a sacrifice and a gift, but it’s totally worth the things we’ve said no to so that we can say yes to other things.

Indiana Beach Fun Ride
A fun ride at Indiana beach this past weekend! We had a great time saying “yes” to pretty much any ride the kids wanted to go on (as many times) thanks to a fun pass we scored a great deal on.