I read this book recently by Brene Brown, Daring Greatly. The book was so personally challenging to me. I wish I had some fabulous sentence I could form describing why specifically, but I’m just wading through it like a sponge already full of water; I can’t take more on ’til I let a little out.

Brene Brown is probably the most quotable woman to me these days. She drops these nuggets of truth all over the place! For example,

“Vulnerability sounds like truth and feels like courage.
Truth and courage aren’t always comfortable, but they’re never weakness.”

Chew on that for a bit…

The nugget of truth I’m currently wrestling with from her book (Daring Greatly) is about how important it is to tell the people you love what you need. Clearly. Bravely.

For some reason this was monumental to me. It hit me with the challenge of receiving the love those people offer me and growing the love I have for them. It just made so much sense to me to think that if I can’t tell the people who already love me what I need and be vulnerable with my needs, then I have so many other issues going on. Obviously the people who love you are FOR you and on your side. It’s like your own cheering section in life. We should all be able to tell our cheering section what will keep us going.

It got me thinking about something I’ve said to my husband for years (and how funny it is that I didn’t take my own advice); I used to tell him early on that I can’t read his mind and I need him to call an audible. If he’s the quarterback and I’m in the huddle and don’t hear the play he calls, I’ll mess it all up. So I need him to tell me.

There I was telling the love of my life I wanted him to tell me what he needed, but I didn’t realize how much I needed to take my own advice.  Sheesh!

While I know I’m a people-pleaser, and while I know I am also verbal and loudly opinionated, telling the people I love what I need is really hard for me. Harder than I realized. So I’m on a quest to be brave and courageous and to let my cheering section know what’s going to keep me going.

I want to be there for them so can I let them be there for me? Guess I better speak up!


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