Often times on Mondays, my Facebook status says the following:



Reset.                 Refresh.                  Renew.


This is mostly my own reminder for the beginning of my week. Monday is my day to begin; the day I set the stage of my week. Often times it’s full of laundry, picking up and putting away all the things pulled out from the weekend, grocery store runs, errands, emails and phone calls for appointments. Some days I have lots of energy and I’m ready to meet that challenge face-on. Other days I’m dragging myself out of bed and drinking coffee by the gallons in an attempt to get my act together.

Reminding myself that Monday is my reset, refresh and renew day is both a call to action for my heart and a reminder of what I am to do that day. I need that call to remind myself that each day is a gift. That each day has something to be grateful for and each day is a chance to be renewed, to renew something or someone, to be refreshed by God and/or His people and to reset my mind.

Some days it’s a song I sing with joy and gratefulness. On those days I am usually zinging through the day with great joy and my list of accomplishments could be really long because I got so much done.

Some days it’s a call to action; on those days I am usually weighing what really needs to be done or whether I just need to go and be with God.

Some days it is truth I am speaking to myself. Those are the days that I am wrestling through all that is before me. I am either pushing through because I have to or praying and asking for right thoughts and actions to reign.

I find that if I can set my Monday off on the right foot, the rest of the week usually will follow. Many friends have asked me where I came up with it and I really don’t remember! I think it is a culmination of multiple books I’ve read recently, the tagline of the churches we’ve attended (which were remarkably similar even though they were many states away from one another) and some authors I follow.  But whatever the case, it is just something I’m clinging too lately. Maybe a Monday Motto?

Have you ever thought of something like that? In our family we have little phrases and sayings that we repeat so this is pretty normal for me. (For example our family motto is “we do fun here”. Sometimes said with sarcasm, sometimes said with joy, sometimes said as a call to act.)

I hope you are encouraged today whatever the case. If you have a family phrase or something you say to yourself, share it here! I’m sure others would find it encouraging as well.




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