It’s been over a month since my last post! Clearly getting a dog has radically changed our life or at least made me too tired to talk about it.  The dog has been quite an interesting addition. In fact, just for fun, here are the things the dog has made me think in the last month + we’ve owned him:

1. Why do humans have carpets in their homes? Or white couches?

2. How about if we just rip up all the carpet and walk around on concrete floors? I’m sure Pinterest has some great staining treatments we can do to make it look really great…

3. Mud. Everywhere.

4. I clearly have cleanliness issues.

5. Walking the dog plus pushing a stroller plus dealing with two little boys when I am the only adult present and we are out of doors…not a good plan.

That should give you an idea of our learning curve. Right now the area of carpet in the den near the back door is completely covered with beach towels. Not because of potty in the house though, it’s mostly because of the mud on his giant paws.  YAY spring!

  • We are down one door in the basement (he tore the back off the door-yes really).
  • We’ve had to secure Arnie’s crate to the stud’s in the wall because he moves the entire thing all around the room by freaking out. We have his metal crate secured and reinforced with tarp/boat tie downs (the rubber ones with metal hooks), 550 cord (military grade rope) and metal brackets/screws. This dog is Harry Houdini and freakishly strong. He has decimated 2 crates.
  • He tips his food bowl over when he eats. We have no idea why. He broke 3 bowls before we bought him an unbreakable variety.
  • He is a submissive pee-er. If you imply unhappiness with him, he will pee. And not just a little.
  • People are deathly afraid of his bark. Understandable too because it is loud!

Those are the downsides to having a dog so far. But here are the upsides to having a dog!

1. The kids are so happy to see him and vice versa every single day. If it is moderately nice out (as spring in St. Louis goes at least) the kids all go out side to play with him while I make dinner. WINNING!

2. I am seriously completely unafraid of anyone snatching one of my kids from my back yard while he is back there. He would end anyone who tried anything. He always lets me know if someone is out in the front of the house too.

3. When my husband is gone I feel total safety in my home.

4. He is so great with the kids. We’ve had 2 incidents we do not love with the kids but right now we are chalking them up to kids being kids and dogs being dogs. We are still cautious nonetheless.

5. It’s fun to think about going places and bringing him with us. We have a great time walking him and having him share in our little family excursions. Plus, he is such an athletic dog that we don’t worry about taxing him.

Arnie still needs some obedience training and we are pretty confident that the things that annoy us most can be taken care of with some hard work and consistency. All in all I am happy to have a dog. He is still very cute and a great companion!



3 thoughts on “Feeling Snarky about Arnie

  1. OK Tiffie; I am laughing hestarically at your post. I get it. I knew it would come to this the minute you posted on fb that you were getting a new family member.

    You know, I love dogs. almost any dog. But for my month with out a dog in my home for the first time in 13 years, my house is cleaner, my time is my own. Yes, I am a lonelier and wish I had something to cuddle with; the touch of fur is so therapeutic.

    Arnie is a winner and should give your family many years of pleasure. If walking him is a problem, I would suggest getting a ‘gentle-leader’. It did the trick with my big dog; taming to submission with our force or pain.

    Love you girlfriend. Keep on posting those great stories. If you haven’t read it, pick up Marley and Me and you will enjoy it at a whole different level.

  2. Hey Tiff! Love the story and can tell you from experience that the points you listed are definitely relatable. I wouldn’t give up my dogs for the world but the cleanliness factor is one I find hard to overcome! I have invested in a carpet cleaner and a great vacuum. If mud is an issue try keeping a towel, designated only to your pet, by the front and back door to clean his paws before he enters from the outside.. I used to have one for my dogs, especially here with the Georgia clay everywhere. Teach the kids not to let him in unless his paws have been cleaned. The gentle leader is a great idea if he’ll keep it on, Tye figured out how to pull it off.. If not try a harness or a simple trick of putting the leash once around his backside. It’s hard to explain but if they pull it constricts a little on the abdomen and they stop. My dogs pull like crazy when they get the chance to go outside and this is a way to keep them from ripping my arm off. I’m sure with some training he will do fine. As for the incidents with the kids.. I have figured out that neither one of my dogs likes small children. They get handsy and tye does not like to have anything wrapped around his neck nor does he like kids in his face. Especially not at eye level because it means he can dominate them or gets weary when he can’t get rid of them. Watch closely for warning signs. Tye evades then growls and then barks attempting to snap.. I always watch him carefully around children and tell the parents not to let their children near him without watching closely. Lou Lou doesn’t like new people period ;-( she’s quick to nip a hand if she does not know you. Both a cuddlers and are very loving dogs but like humans they each have their own quirks, moods and attitudes. You just have to find out how your dog ticks 😉

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