I do not like winter. I like snow-because it actually makes winter pretty. But otherwise, I don’t like winter. I am ALWAYS cold in the winter. My fingers, hands and toes are usually so cold that my phone doesn’t even recognize I touched it. If I attempt the self-checkout line at the grocery store, I have to blow on my hands so that the screen will register that I’m trying to use it! I usually put my cold feet on my sweet hubby’s back when we get in bed…to which he squeals about how he can’t believe I’m alive AND have appendages that cold.

Our family recently saw Frozen in theaters…and OH! how I loved this song that the snowman, Olaf, sings in the movie! I laughed SO hard!

But seriously, I’m so ready for this cold to break! I can’t even handle all the bundles and layers. I’m dreaming of bbq’s in the back yard, of the way sunshine feels as it is beating down on my skin (I know…probably giving me skin cancer), the smell of sprinklers on a summer night, evening walks  in our neighborhood with the fam, cute little kids sopping wet and ice tea, GREEN things….

I’m really glad it’s almost February and I’m praying for an early spring. Not the freezing cold spring we had last year, but a quick warm up. I’ll take a spring of 65 degree days and 35 or 40 degree nights please.

Ok, stepping off my soap box now.

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