I’m a firm believer in New Year’s resolutions. Forget the sarcasm about not keeping them or doing them only because that is what you are “supposed” to do. There is great value in reflection. In my heart, it’s pointless to try to “fix” myself though. Only prayer and Jesus will change this Momma-that I know for sure!

This past year I have been tempted to label as the year that really stunk, the year that deeply stretched us and the year that was not in our favor. But I got a glimpse at the truth as I glanced back at pictures of 2013, as I reviewed my (too-oft neglected) gratefulness journal attempts and as I talked with my love.  I’m reminded that perspective taints our view of what is and what has been. It distorts the truth and I am so guilty of allowing a negative attitude to permeate my memory.

In light of this I’m resolving -I’m praying for 3 things:

-I resolve to practice gratefulness on a DAILY basis. 3 things everyday (gulp)

-I resolve to continue in a healthy lifestyle by being physically active weekly and by eating more fruits and vegetables daily.

-I resolve to finish reading the Bible in 2014.

These three things actually have ties to previous years; and I’m ok with that. The gratefulness resolution started really in 2012 (beginning 2013) with the gift of Ann Voskamp’s book “1000 Gifts”. I highly recommend this book! It was so encouraging and enlightening. I sadly only made it up to 184 on my gratefulness list I attempted last year…which is WAY off from 1,000. But what it taught me is that I am not living in a posture of gratitude. I take a lot in my life for granted and am more narcissistic than I think.

My physical health is something I started in 2010-a year after our second son was born. I started running and drastically changed how I ate after a lot of education and research. Then after we had our daughter (my healthiest pregnancy yet by far!), I picked back up again and have lost 20+ lbs! I’m 15 lbs from my goal weight and I’m confidant I can do it. Mostly because my hilarious and go-big-or-go-home husband has decided to run a marathon this year (because he’s crazy). I KNOW that with his increase in exercise and activity level-because he HAS to put his money where his mouth is…or where his feet are…whatever-mine will also increase. We’ve talked about getting bikes for ourselves so that we can have family biking afternoons and evenings once the weather gets a bit nicer. I’m SO excited about that one! I’m also excited because my dear sweet man is more on board with some serious changes in our eating habits. It’s going to be a challenge to overcome but I’m ready for it!

Finally, my sad little attempt to read the entire Bible in a year…that I started almost two years ago….it just needs to be finished. I’ve made it to Psalms and 1 Corinthians thus far. Literally half-way in two years. I’ve learned so much in this time of reading and discovery over the last few years. But I’m eager to read the minor prophets and especially Isaiah and Jeremiah. Most of all, I’m eager to see how the Lord moves in me and our family as I seek Him in His word. I’m always amazed at how applicable the Bible is to my daily life.  I never regret it when I spend my time with my Maker.

I have a lot of other desires for 2014; things I want to do, things I want to see done, places I want to go and relationships I’d like to see healed. But those are up to Jesus and I’m happy to place my plans in His hands as an offering. I would rather see Him move than mess around with that stuff myself.

To the King in 2014!

3 thoughts on “Resolve

  1. Tiffany Nevil. I miss you and love you. I have not been in blog land for a while. Life is getting in the way of searching the internet! I just thought I’d tell you I miss you and your beautiful family. I’m not a good communicator you know. Love, Abby

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