While I’ve already moved on in my blog, I do want to close up my project for November. I was deeply struck on Thanksgiving day by something I’ve asked God to do for many years. I began asking Him to break the bonds of generational sin in my family probably 15 years ago. Lately, there have been moments that have made me feel like the Holy Spirit is gently nudging my shoulder and saying “look” to me; showing me not only ways God has answered those prayers, but how He has instilled new prayers in the midst of my old ones. New prayers of reconciliation and redemption, new bridges to be built,old ways and poor habits to be disposed of as new love comes in.

To close up my gratefulness exercise, I am deeply grateful for my sister and her part in that seeing. I am so deeply grateful that I am known by her and that I know her. I am so grateful that she and I can wrestle and cry and laugh and push forward in such lovely ways together in this life. She brings me light and joy and fullness. She helps me see that I am indeed, not crazy. Most of all, she reminds me that I am not alone in my experiences in this world and that is a deep and beautiful gift that just keeps on blooming.

My beautiful sister with my baby and her namesake.


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