I’m grouchy tonight. Mostly because I’m being selfish and letting some worries get to me. But I know that the best cure for that kind of an attitude is to say thanks. To remind myself that there are still blessings all around me in my day. It’s a matter of what I am choosing to focus on.

So I choose to focus on the blessings even in the grouchy place my heart is in right now.

I am grateful for my friend Ashley who watches my daughter on Tuesday mornings while I am in Bible study. Cecelia always laughs and squeals with delight when she sees Ashley and her kiddos. Cecelia is always busy doing something else when I come to pick her up. It has enabled me to focus on the study and not worry about what our baby girl is doing or feeling in her class. And Ashley always has a smile on her face when I see her. She even sends me adorable pictures of the kiddos after class! It is a special gift to me to get to see my trusted friend and to know that my daughter is having a total blast while I am gone. Having a friend to hug is always nice too.

I am grateful for the women who came to our Bible study that just ended today. It’s been going on since September and we’ve journeyed through a no excuses look at the book of James by Beth Moore. It’s been challenging and encouraging and convicting. I’m grateful I wasn’t alone in that journey and that these women were willing to be vulnerable together. I pray that I will have the strength to talk with them when I am tempted to forget/overlook what we learned!

I am grateful for my quiet time I had this afternoon. I needed some time to reflect on things that were stirring in my heart. I silenced my phone so that email messages and phone calls just moved right on without beckoning to me.  I am trying not to rush my days. To just be in today and pay attention to what is here and right now. I had soooo many things that were beckoning me instead. But I needed not to run to them. I’m grateful for that stillness today. I felt very overwhelmed!

I am grateful that tomorrow is a new day. I’m really grouchy. I need a fresh tomorrow walking with my faithful God.

I’m grateful for my friend Amanda who told me how to cook some fish fillets in the oven. They were so good!

One thought on “November 19

  1. What a joy your daughter has been to me on Tuesday mornings! I’ve loved it. You’re the one always coming in with a smile on your face and looking just darling with fun jewelry on or cute sweaters. I love seeing you and being around your family! The Nevil’s bless us and bring us joy & much laughter every time we spend time with you. 💜💜

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