I’m sensing a trend here…a weekend trend. I can’t manage to sit down at my computer to journal my gratefulness AND I can’t manage to keep my calories in the boundaries I have set for myself. Clearly I need some more discipline 😉 And that statement is LOADED with sarcasm and a wink of whimsy.

This weekend was busy in the mornings and boring in the afternoons. (And when I say boring I define that as we didn’t hang out with anyone but each other. Extroverts….)  Saturday started off like a shotgun at a race and then lulled throughout the afternoon. There were naps taken (by the hubbs…I had too much coffee in my veins to sleep!), books read, Christmas decorations purchased (though not for my house!) and movies watched. Can I say that Man of Steel was so not the direction I thought the movie would go. Good, and cool, but whoa.

Sunday was another busy day. Lot’s of scrambling to get out the door to church (I mean what DOES that maid do around here because apparently laundry is NOT one of them) as the boys had very few clean clothes that also happened to fit them. I cannot keep those boys in pants or shoes! Lord Almighty they grow so darn fast! Chase has about 3 pairs of pants that do not make him look like the flood is a comin’.

But I digress….

All that to say that I was immensely grateful for my weekend. I’m trying not to rehash things I’ve already been grateful for and yet be specific so here ‘goes:

  • I am so grateful to get to serve my church. Truly. It is so fun for me. I love to do it. I get a mega amount of joy out of being a part of this tiny little church that actually, is starting to burst at the seems. I’ve been studying the early church and in some ways and at some times, our growth excites this passion in me that makes me want to laugh at our space issues and “growing” pains as our church looks at ways to accommodate lots o’ people. And let’s be honest, it’s the babies people keep makin’ that are the issue! HA!
  • Babies. No really. Have you seen this? It makes my ovaries hurt! But I richly rejoice in seeing new Mommies come into the fold of Motherhood. It is beautiful and magical and painful and hard and sad and stressful and overwhelming and frustrating and joyful and all of that is mixed into one bag called “Mom” and “Dad”.
  • My hubby’s job. That one I say through gritted teeth. But regardless of my opinions about the things that go on some days or the way things are done, I am grateful that God has given Jeremy a job he loves, that he does well, and that provides for us to go to the grocery store without fear. (Because I have lived too many years of walking through grocery aisles restrained and afraid.)
  • This verse from the Bible; Proverbs 31:25 “She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future.” This was a verse I picked out to begin praying for myself Y-E-A-R-S ago. I prayed it with the hope that God would make me like that. I wanted it so bad. This past week, I literally have seen that verse all over the place. No kidding-I saw it on a sticker window on a car at a stoplight, I saw it at Hobby Lobby on some art I was looking at, I saw it come up on FB somewhere and I’ve had it come up in a few readings I’ve done. You know…when the Holy Spirit wants to speak something to you, He is persistent and consistent my friends! I have been reminded afresh of how I asked God to make me like that and I am asking again/afresh/anew that God would make me like that. I want it so bad-to be that in my deepest and truest self-clear down to my core and soul. Not the fake illusion of that. Only truth. Only authentically.
  • Shauna Niequist’s book that I picked up for $1.99 on Kindle this past Friday (the 16th!) called “Cold Tangerines“. I just checked and it is still $1.99! BUY IT! I love this book thus far because this woman writes to my soul. I want to write like her! When I read her words, it’s like I’m drinking a glass of encouragement. I feel like she speaks the language of my heart and soul. She draws out some of the deepest parts of me and helps me make sense of them. And then she encourages me with a spiritual perspective by telling me how that is what marks me-those things-as God’s child. Created by Him, in His image. Breathtaking.

I am so grateful God, for the things You are stirring in the depths of my heart!


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