Yesterday,  my house was bursting at it’s seams with guests. The house smelled of a roasted turkey and fresh from the oven yeast rolls, the sounds of laughter were flowing heartily through the air and some mega-grateful and just plain full hearts sat at tables, leaned against walls and lounged on the floors. Toys were scattered everywhere! Little kids were giggling.  There were NOT leftovers. Well…not much.

And I am so, so grateful. I’m grateful today for our small group! There is something amazing about journeying through life with other people. Jeremy and I say often that life is just plain better together. Life without others just isn’t life. It’s not worth it. All the money and possessions in the world cannot comfort or bring near the joy that a life shared brings.

Even yesterday’s preparations blessed me richly. I had my best friend perched at my kitchen counter while I was elbow-deep in a dead bird’s chest (good times-we’re carnivores). She looked at a Crate and Barrel catalog and our hearts flowed with stories about how much Jesus means to us and how different our lives would look without Him. She shared with me that a pastor asked her small group recently to reflect on how different they would be if they had never met Jesus. Her answer was beautiful and truthful and raw. I love her.

Another friend dropped by to pick something up and chatted with me next to the fire. What a lovely, beautiful day.

And, we got to share our great news of God’s faithfulness with the people who cried and prayed with and for us.

Grateful indeed. There is much to celebrate.


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