I am aware more and more of the things that God is teaching me and helping me to understand about Him and the way He works in my life. One of the most significant lessons He has taught me of late is about his timing. He has taught me (the hard way) that if I rush ahead of Him, the results will not be the same as if I wait on Him.

Patience is NOT a virtue in our culture. We want stuff now. Yesterday. No body believes in waiting for anything these days. So the tug to push in, to make things happen if it’s not moving fast enough, to control, manipulate or finagle is a tough temptation to avoid. And it’s one that keeps nipping at you because if you are trying to be patient about something, everyone else around you is bugged by it. (Not to mention that I even bug myself when I’m trying to be patient about something!)

But I am learning that instead of rushing past all that to get to the end result, that there is something I need to hear or see in the mean time. There is faith to be built. Vulnerability to be shared. Encouragement to be received and given. If we push past all that, it cheapens it.

Now, I want you to know that as I type this, I fully expect God to show me (soon) how much more I still have to learn about this lesson. I’m sure there are other things I’m trying to push past and shake off for the sake of getting to the end/achieving success in some area. Just watch. He works like that in my life too. 😉

In the mean time, I am grateful for the things He has built up in me, for the prayers He has answered as I wait and for even the hard things I/we have had to endure as we wait. For those who have done Beth Moore’s Mercy Triumphs study on James, I’m just between the rains, waiting for one little cloud.

May you be encouraged to seek God’s face in the waiting He has asked you to endure. There is richness there. It is not for nothing that He asks us to wait friends.




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