Hey! Happpy 11-12-13 day!

Today I am grateful for:

  • Deep friendships. I am encouraged by the friends who I can look at, tell them something that God is doing in my life and see that knowing look that comes over their faces because they remember when life was not like that for me.
  • Being known. Not having to explain myself or my heart; having people in my life who believe the best in me even when I am not at my best. (Perhaps those two are the same thing…I’m not sure. And it might tie into something I was grateful for yesterday too…but isn’t that just compounded gratefulness?)
  • Tooshie warmers. Yup, I just said that. The heated seats in my minivan make my heart pitter-patter. I feel luxurious with a warm bum!
  • This morning, I had a moment with my kiddos that I was grateful for. I seriously felt in my heart that God was telling me to savor it. I was jumping into the shower and all three of my kids were just in the other room laughing and chatting. They were simply being together before it was time to go to school for the day. I realized all of the sudden that one day, these moments of them being little and together would be gone. While I really don’t think I will miss all the messes I clean up (or all the times I almost break my neck/foot slipping/stepping on a toy) even though you people out there swear I will, I WILL miss those moments. I love my mornings with all my littles. I haven’t always loved them (mornings I mean), but I really do right now.
  • New things that God is moving and teaching me in my heart. I am so grateful for a new day and a fresh start each day. As faithful as the sun rising, so is our faithful God. It gives me hope that helps me to wait on Him expectantly.

One thought on “November 12

  1. Jealous of the tooshie warmers but glad I get to enjoy them when I’m in your car! You’re enriching my month and my spirit with your daily thankfulness.

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