Uh…whoops.  I did a lot of living in the past four days! I call it a gift being able to live “in the moment” so much.  The down side is that I forget the other stuff outside my moments!

Continuing on in my theme of gratefulness, I think I just need to spit out what is on my heart!

  • I saw this today on Ann Voskamp’s blog:”It is a good thing to yada: give thanks — to brazenly confess that God is wholly good though the world is horribly not.” This world is so sick and twisted. It’s evil and entangling and murderous and it steals and it lies. But God is good. And I have been ministered to by the Holy Spirit lately about just how good God really is-even in the midst of suffering the results and offenses of this world-gone-wrong. “We won’t stop believing that “God is good” is not some trite quip for the good days but a radical defiant cry for the terrible days.” Amen and amen.
  • I am grateful for this Beth Moore Bible study I’m doing right now on the book of James. In one of the very first video sessions she asked a question that went something like this: “When was the last time you read the Bible and what it said CHANGED  you?” That was convicting to me. Many times I read it and walk away, going on about my day without actively inviting God to change me from the inside out. Sometimes I live so much in the moment that I forget to invite Him in and make me more like Him. This study has reminded me that I have to make an active choice not to just live my life full of excuses and full of I cannot’s. But instead it is my choice to ask what I CAN do. No excuses. In fact it specifically says in James 5:13-14 that if you are suffering hardships, you should pray. If you are cheerful you should sing praises and if you are sick, you should call the Elders of your church to pray over you and anoint you with oil.
  • I’m going shallow here, but I’m seriously grateful for my crockpot. Cooking dinner for me all day long so I can go about my business in another area? Genius! Ain’t nobody got time for cooking dinner (some days-like um, today).
  • Also shallow, I’m grateful for whoever put those Sesame Street Celebrity Playlists on YouTube. My daughter ADORES them and currently it is what is allowing me to post this! I appreciate the non-annoyingness of the songs too…
  • This past weekend, we had a friend extravaganza! It was so fun and reminiscent of what we would’ve done with the Metcalfes back in Washington. Our friends came over for a late breakfast and stayed much of the afternoon. Then they went home and then.. they came back again-and then the girls went out and the guys stayed home with the kids! HA! It’s just the way it worked out that day. It was a very fun-filled day. In fact, I went to bed thinking it was around 9:30 pm and I was being silly for being so tired..then I noticed it was more like 11:30 pm.
  • I had a special moment with Chase today where we worked on his “homework” together. I.e. we attempted to trace/write some letters of the alphabet. It was a fun time for me to love on and help him, to encourage my “I-can’t-do-it” kid to press on, even though it’s hard. How did I get two perfectionists????
  • I’m also super grateful and excited for our new neighbors! I’ve mentioned our neighbor many times here on my blog; mostly because we have a lot of issues between our boys and the boys around us. Thankfully we have a good relationship with their parents. But recently, a house across the street was sold and a new family is totally rehabbing the house (pool, extending the back of the house, renovating the kitchen, etc) and hopefully will be moved in by spring. The family is so nice and even better, their kids are nice! They have a boy who is one year older than my eldest (Cooper) and a little two-year old girl! Friends…this is the ONLY little girl around here! I’m so excited!
  • I’m grateful for inside jokes between friends. I got a package from my bestie this weekend that made me both laugh and cry. Then, we had a fun moment with some new(er) friends about something we teased/joked/poked fun at over the weekend. It was so funny…but if I told you, you just wouldnt’ get it. So just remember how funny your own inside jokes are between your friends/spouse/family and have a giggle.
  • Finally, I’m grateful for the hope that is in me and being encouraged and instilled by God’s Word and His people. Things have been hard but I have so much hope that even in the hard things, good things are being sown and will grow to better. I’m ready to laugh at the days to come! (Proverbs 31)

What are you grateful for? Don’t stop giving thanks! Push back the darkness!

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