splendor of our fall!
splendor of our fall!

AGH! I remembered that I hadn’t posted last night as I was falling asleep in my nice, warm bed. But even that ties to what I was grateful for yesterday; work.

I am a hard worker, but mostly because I really enjoy work. It makes me feel filled with purpose and helpfulness to others, and that brings me life! I find that God’s word has encouraged me to remember that both work AND rest are given by God and I need to receive them both. (My husband has also taught me how to play-an often needed thing for me.) It’s been a freeing journey learning about Sabbath rest and work as our church has explored Exodus for the last year. (But I digress!)

Yesterday, my day was filled with responsibilities. Some days I approach these things as a nuisance but yesterday it gave me great joy. My work distracted me from my worries. It gave me a way to literally “work out” my anxieties in a physical way. As I stood back and looked at what I had accomplished for the day, I was deeply grateful. I felt like I had achieved something. I felt my body was able to keep up and that made me grateful for my health-I felt that “good” tired at the end of my day.

I think my favorite point in my day yesterday was raking the leaves in our front yard. The sun was shining and my daughter was napping so Chase and I went out to make work into play. It was restful! As I raked, I thought about how the sound of the leaves rushing into my raked piles sounded just like ocean waves. I raked and talked with my son, we laughed and threw leaves and piled them high. My neighbor came out and he and I talked and raked together. It was an hour of relaxation-but I was working. Ahhh…It was a beautiful and rejuvenating moment in my day. I am so grateful!


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