Today I am grateful for my kids. Each of them bring their own special light to my life. Their antics crack me up more than I can count in the course of a day. They challenge me not to take life or myself too seriously-a challenge I desperately need daily.

This morning they were all up early; before 6:30 am. The boys first, then Cecelia. They were loud and wrestling around right from the start. They laughed their ways through breakfast and wrestled all over the house. The giggling and squeals of delight, the questions and thoughts spoken aloud, all before I took one drink of coffee. I can’t remember what they said today, frankly. I just remember thinking it was really funny. That’s what pre-coffee mommy brain does to you.

Then today when I went to wake Cecelia up, I found her in her crib with her shirt and one sock off and fast asleep. What in the world?! How did she even get her shirt off? And why? It was a hilarious sight to walk in on.

We ran to the store today to pick up a few things I neglected to get at my last trip to the store. An elderly couple was behind me in line and my boys were in rare form. Frankly, they were being just boisterous enough to be cute and garner the attention of many, but not enough to be annoying or get dirty looks. It’s a fine line really. But this elderly couple had 3 children also; 2 boys and a girl (who are now in their early 50’s and late 40’s)and chatted with me about how they remember with great joy the years we are in right now. It was fun to hear their story and see their faces light up at the sight of my silly little kiddos. Cecelia talked and talked to the woman while the man just beamed at her.

As life has been a bit tough and discouraging lately, these moments truly make me feel richly blessed. I am so grateful for the way the kids take my mind off of the serious parts of adult life. They keep me laughing and thinking and praying. Topics up for discussion today with the boys included: heaven, death, farting, ninjas, their birthdays, Christmas, rental cars, my grandparents -their great grandparents, cookies, growing up and Indians, just to name a few.

These kiddos are indeed great gifts to me. I am so grateful for their little lives and for the people they are growing and becoming.

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