A midst all this exercise in gratefulness, a lot of frightful uncertainty has gone down in our home over the last few days especially. We’ve had a rough several weeks that have left me feeling like I have an ulcer. (Which makes me think of Arnold Schwarzenegger saying, “it’s not a tumor” for some reason…) But today I am VERY grateful to say that some of that pressure has been removed.  Isn’t it interesting that when you commit to being grateful and recording it every day, life gets frightening?

Well, there is peace for today. So, back to thankfulness. Today I am most grateful for my husband. He is a brave man. I’ve always thought so, but he has shown me just how brave and strong he is especially in the past 7 years.  From joining the Army and pushing himself physically beyond anything he had ever done, to pushing himself mentally and emotionally and spiritually in the last many years. He’s fought evil in more ways than one. Sometimes it was on behalf of his own family and sometimes it was on behalf of a family thousands of miles away. But my husband is a soldier indeed.  I am very grateful for the times when he has been the one to do the hard work, make the hard decisions and pave a road where there perhaps was not one before.

Creve Couer Fun day-daddy

Daddy and Coop in porsche


I tell my sons often that it is a tall order to be a godly man. It’s not easy; but it’s important. To all you guys out there who are fighting to live out integrity and truth, who are fighting for your families and for families of other people, thank you. It means so much!

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