Today I am grateful for a back yard full of neighborhood boys, working hard to rake all our leaves into a pile at the bottom of our slide! I think somehow that idea started two years ago as we began the work of raking and bagging ALLLL our fall leaves. We have giant, mature trees all around us and our yard gets completely covered with leaves each year. In one Saturday, we bagged 18 bags of leaves…and that was just in the back yard! So one year, the boys were “helping” us. They figured out they could put them into a pile at the bottom of the slide and then slide into the leaf pile. It was so much fun that the neighbor boys picked up rakes and started doing the same thing. Now it seems like each fall I see my kids and a bunch of neighbors giggling and laughing as they throw and rake the leaves to play in and on and around. I’m hopeful this makes us cool neighbors. 😉

I am also grateful today that my hubby was able to do his mid-term and get home so that I could go to the store allllll alone! He only has 7 more months of classes before he will have completed his BS in Business. I’m so proud of how hard he has worked. He has gone to night classes for two years straight-NO BREAK! This semester has been the hardest for all of us as he is gone two nights a week in stead of just one. But it’ll be so worth it in the end. We can all see the light at the end of the tunnel and we plan to celebrate!

And finally, I am grateful for the glimpses of compassion and empathy I see growing in my children. Cooper was teasing Chase about something the other night. I pulled him aside to talk with him about it and explain why it was so mean to tease him about this issue. It was something he didn’t know about his little brother, because well, it just wasn’t his business! I explained the situation to him and he burst into tears. I asked him why he was crying and he said because he felt like he had been so mean to his brother! He didn’t realize how deeply the teasing could hurt him. It was encouraging to see his tender heart growing and realizing how important the hearts of others are!

Thanks for following my blog as I write each day in November about what I am grateful for in my life! Take the Joy Dare yourself and write down 3 things you are grateful for each day and after a year you will have 1000 gifts journaled!


One thought on “November 2

  1. That’s very sweet & encouraging about Cooper. As adults still, we often don’t realize how painful our words & actions can be to others. May that tenderness spill over to other facets of his heart & other areas of his life! 💙

    P.S. We would LOVE to rejoice & celebrate with y’all in 9 months!!!

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