A little over one week ago, my friend’s children began to drop like flies. One by one, they fell. Their symptoms were similar but some worse than others. I watched and waited for one of my kids to catch something. After a week, I began to think maybe I was in the clear. Then, the baby got a low grade fever. Hmmm…..but she also got 4 new molars. Ouch. So I still thought we were safe. Then yesterday afternoon she fought her nap and was a mega grump. When she woke up, her voice was hoarse and raspy and she had a fever. Stink.

As the night progressed, she got more hoarse. Have you heard a 1.5 year old talk when they are hoarse and raspy? It’s freakin’ adorable. Jeremy and I melted into pools of compassion as she croaked out her requests and told us “owie-owie” and pointed at her throat. Poor baby!

Poor baby was so miserable when she woke up this morning!
Poor baby was so miserable when she woke up this morning!

During the night, we heard her coughing a barky cough. She was so tired and miserable she didn’t even wake up as she whistled and croaked. This morning when she woke up…oh man. We couldn’t get Motrin in that girl fast enough! Usually I let fevers play out and am leery to give fever reducers too soon. But I knew she was in pain. Have I said poor baby? As she sat in our bed like a zombie this morning, Chase donated his beloved puppy to her to make her feel better. That’s her holding it in the photo above! Her brothers felt so sorry for her today and were the best of nurses to her.

The fall sickness came on quick this year. I’m a bit nervous for what this means for the rest of us! I’ve never been one to schedule flu shots for my kids and so far they’ve been fine. We usually aren’t sick that often. But with Chase in preschool this year, I’m thinking we should all get them. I’m remembering puke-geddon of February. Ehhh….shudder.

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