Today was Chase’s first day of Preschool. It is a day he has been pining for all summer long. To be one of the “big kids” like his brother. To get up and have a place to be. To have his very own friends and his very own teacher!

He was a ball of adorable excitement yesterday. We played baseball in the yard for a bit, mostly for me. I just wanted to make sure I took some time to talk to him about expectations for school, etc. He and I had a fun day just being home. So this morning, he immediately got dressed and ready to go with a ton of eagerness. He couldn’t wait! In fact, he cried a bit in the car after we dropped his big brother off at school because he still had 45 minutes to kill before his school started. What a bummer!

I took these pictures before he went in to his class. They say alot about how he was feeling…

Chase Preschool first day 1

Chase Preschool first day 2

Chase Preschool first day 3

Chase Preschool first day 4

Chase Preschool first day 5Pardon the graininess of them. I stole those from Facebook because I’m being lazy about uploading them from my phone. But clearly, you can see his excitement…guns blazing, hips swaying…he was pumped.

I surprisingly got a bit emotional as I walked to my car…just me and the babe. I’m not usually the sappy Momma who tears up at such things. But today I was choking back those tears. All I could think was “now what?” . I even questioned whether we should really stop having kids at 3. Maybe we should have one more…

When I picked him up today, he was so happy and chatty. He couldn’t wait to tell me all about his day. He ate his lunch with gusto and right now is telling me he’s not tired. Don’t worry, all the yawning he’s done in the past hour has told me what a lie that is! HA! Or maybe I should say a misunderstanding…on his part. I smell early bedtime for this kiddo. Because tomorrow, we get to do it all again! YAY!!!!!

P.S. One hour after I posted this, the boy came upstairs and told me he was so tired he couldn’t take it anymore. He went to his room to take a nap. HA! I love this kid…

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