Today is not a big day for me. In fact, our family is seriously “boring” right now.  But it IS a big day for some special people in my life!  My best friend in WA is probably at the Tacoma Court House right now standing before a judge with her whole family, rejoicing as their son Jeremiah becomes a legal member of their family and a forever Metcalfe through adoption! Her family welcomed him into their hearts just one day after he was born early this summer.  She’s had to exercise all sorts of restraint in talking about him via social media (due to the legal issues), but now that they are all official I am so pumped to see all the adorable posts and pictures I know we’ll see of this little man as he grows! (I mean I get fun pictures all the time via text….but I want everyone to see how cute this little man is!)

It’s killer being away from them in this critical time in their lives. I know that we moved back to St. Louis to be close to family so that we don’t miss the big events in their lives, but it wasn’t without losing out on the things that will happen in the lives of all our WA friends. We miss you LMNOP friends!

Additionally, yesterday my sister became a very happy newly-wedded homeowner! It’s been such a long journey for her and her husband. Their house before this one was a constant victim of robberies. They did everything they could to protect their home and their belongings (not to mention their own sense of personal safety), but not even the police would help them. So they sold their house and took a huge financial loss on it as a result. They’ve spent the last few years working to pay that loss off and then save again for a new home and they are finally there! I’m so proud of her and the hard work she’s done to get here. She just graduated community college this past May too! All while working 2 jobs and paying cash for school Hm! You can’t say my sis is lazy or not motivated to achieve her goals!

Here is my sis on the night of her graduation in May! I'm so proud of you Jessie!
Here is my sis on the night of her graduation in May! I’m so proud of you Jessie!

So this weekend, our little family will be helping them move and celebrating from afar the realizations of the dreams of the people we love! Happy Friday and weekend to you and yours.

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