August feels a lot like New Year’s to me. I only feel this way because I have children in school though! This is a time for me as a Mom to close out summer (hopefully on a high note), to prepare for what is new ahead for both me and the children, and to think about what my Fall Goals are going to look like realistically speaking. Chase will be in Preschool 3 days a week for a few hours. Cooper is going to be in 2nd grade. So that leaves Cecelia and I a bit of time together. I’m looking forward to seeing all that changes in Chase this year. Preschool proved very shaping and helpful for Cooper and I’m assuming the same will go for Chase.

Right now I’m preparing for some concentrated time to upload the two years of photographs that are trapped on my computer, up and onto Shutterfly so that I can finish my 2012 Family Year book and actually start 2013! AGH! I do remember back in March that my goal was to FINISH the 2012 book and order it during Spring Break. Imperfect progress people…that’s what we are working towards.

I will say that life looks so happy when I look back at all those pictures. When older parents tell you to soak up every minute of your kids’ childhoods, I think this is what they mean. I seriously wish I could lock myself up in a closet for a month and work on NOTHING but family picture stuff. Ok…I’d probably need to come out pretty quickly…after all, I AM an extrovert. Looking through all those pictures and seeing how much they’ve grown makes my heart just melt.

Well, tonight is Meet the Teacher night, supply drop off, etc. Time to get to it! Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve! HA!




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