I have heard comedians use food fight stories in their joke line up many times before.  Fighting over food with their siblings as young kids at the dinner table is endlessly good joke material. They joke about how fast you have to eat so that you can eat more, because you’re hungry and all the other kids are too. It’s usually a hilarious series of jokes because it’s something we can easily picture in our minds or it’s something that even happened to us as children.

Today, it happened, not for the first time, in my home. The food fight…

My boys are 4 and 7. I wouldn’t say that they “eat me out of house and home” but they do eat a lot. I’m watching a slow and steady increase in my grocery budget all the time. I keep thinking it’s me and that I’m over spending…but perhaps it’s that they are eating me out of house and home… Wait, what?

This morning I heard an argument ensuing before the sun was up, before the coffee had been made, before the baby was even awake. Chase was crying and Cooper was saying (without the slightest tone of remorse or compassion) “sorry Chasey, I’m really hungry”. Sobs, sobs, sobs.

I drearily pulled my body out of bed to attend to whatever it was that was occurring. Turns out it was a food fight.

I wish I could say it was our first, but the truth of the matter is that these food fights are becoming a more and more regular occurrence. I buy something and one kid eats all of it as often as possible so that they don’t have to share it. Today it was yogurt. (And by the way, I found the empty container of said yogurt in the fridge later that same day. Boys….)

I’m a Costco member, so I shop there and get the mega-pack of whatever it is I notice the boys are fighting over. But I’m not convinced that is the real issue…It’s more of a battle of the wills. What’s funny to me is that they are fighting over food at 4 and 7…they aren’t even close to being teenagers!

We usually laugh about the drama that thus ensues when someone takes the last bit of something; whether it’s milk, cereal, cheese or even chocolate. There’s always an end to the food! Thankfully, we can buy more. Hurray for grocery stores…

Chase lunchin on the porch
Only one more year of lunch with this dude ;-(
And this little man is so big now!


2 thoughts on “Food Fight

  1. You can be a mean mommy like me and if they fight over any food, they both don’t get it. End of story. That puts a stop to it real quick!

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