See, I get all serious and then I want to go light again. Here’s something that’s been bugging me that is not offensive…to anyone. 😉

I have this spot in my kitchen, well, it’s actually an entire wall, and it drives me crazy. There is nothing on it. I’ve thought of all sorts of things we could do with it, but there is an air return in the wall, so it gets tricky. Also, we eat dinner at the island the wall is on, so if anything sticks out too far, my husband could bump his head! (All the rest of us are too short for it to be an issue.)

I keep thinking I’d really like a fun chalk board or something on the wall. Or maybe a horizontal mirror that is pretty long. Thoughts?



Then there is the built-in book case in my den. Oh my….it’s full of stuff. Heaping in fact. I plan to just take everything off and reorganize it. Wipe it clean if you will. But I’ll still take suggestions for it too. I keep thinking I’m ready to paint the whole darn thing white….save for the crown molding at the top. (It would tie in the oak touches in the rest of the room) Thoughts?

Boring Built Ins
Boring Built Ins

5 thoughts on “Design Help

  1. As far as the built in go, how about painting them white, adding paper to the back of each shelf, & adding some funky knobs on the doors?

  2. For your kitchen – definitely do a chalkboard. Or a mirror. Oh stink, I can’t decide. Either would be super cute and fit into your decor nicely.

  3. Travis and I were talking about the built in and we were wondering if it would open up the room in there even more by taking it all out? Instead you could put a smaller desk in the corner and organize all your files and everything there. Then maybe add another bookshelf downstairs. It would open up the family room for sure. Just an idea…:)

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