I started cataloging our life like a high school year book in 2011. It started after I saw my two best friends doing something like it with digital photo albums on Shutterfly. 2011 was the year that we would be moving from WA to St. Louis, MO. So it was perfect timing!

And I did it!

My book turned out perfect. There was great method to my madness and I was so happy with the results. I worked on it a little each and every month that entire year in fact!  When it was time to print it out, I just hit print and bam! 2011 before my eyes and on my coffee table.

I started again in 2012 as soon as the calendar changed over for the new year. And I stopped…in March. Because I was about to have a baby. I started nesting and fussing with many, many other things. By the time August rolled around, I was finally up to a semblance of sanity and a very small window of free time. I started working on just uploading the thousands and thousands of pictures of our new baby girl. And that’s when I stopped.

There were just so.many.pictures!

I picked it up and messed with it a few more times throughout the fall. But then the holidays came…and I got wrapped up in them. And all the pictures…oh the pictures.

So it’s February now…of the following year. Guess where my 2012 Annual Family Album is at?

Yup. Still in March. Still in folder land on my computer.


I’m trying to decide how to handle it. I need a system….I need a goal…I need manageable chunks so I don’t spiral into oblivion and give up.

I can do this. I can do this. I can do this.




Buried in photographs

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