Today, I have a lunch date.  I’m excited about going mostly because I’ve embraced my Momma Wisdom when it comes to eating out with kids. Specifically, that it is a waste of time, money and nutrition opportunities. Why do I bother? How many hundreds of dollars have we blown on food our kids won’t eat and isn’t good for them anyway? Too much.

So today, I am doing as I once did when my eldest was this age; I’m bringing his own lunch packed from home to the restaurant. Yup. Tacky? Mmmm….I don’t think so. I’m still ordering. It means no arguing with my child, no waiting on their meal, good nutrition and happy conversation with my lunch buddy!

Every once in a while, Momma gets a win….


2 thoughts on “Momma Wisdom

  1. He he he he he…I miss you Abby! Hey! Jeremy and I are working on a trip out in the next few months. It’ll be March or April most likely. Don’t go anywhere! Ok? We want to hang out!

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