Now that Halloween is nice and over with (BLAH!) we can get to the REAL fun of Thanksgiving and Christmas! WAHOO! I am quite the chipper gal this time of year because I really enjoy all the things that come with these two holidays…as I’ve mentioned a LOT recently. I’ve been playing all sorts of Christmas music on my phone and around the house to help with my excitement over this time of year. My youngest son has begun to ask questions about this “Christmas” we speak of, since you know, he can’t escape it. I am sad he doesn’t really remember it, but excited to see things start to click this year for him.

This past week the Target catalog came. My husband sat down with both boys and a sharpie and wrote their names next to the things they want. It was so cute! But explaining to my son that we will be buying presents for him…and then not telling him what they are…and then not letting him open them for a long, long time (to a three year old) is pretty much torture.

To try and help with this, we are focusing on being thankful for what we do have already! I bought poster board and fun markers today to begin our Thankfulness Project. I’m sure at first it’ll be very easy for them to think of things. But I’m hoping as we work on it through the month we can wade through the shallow stuff into some deeper things. I am hoping to help build up some joy in his heart for giving gifts to others due to all this thankfulness we are speaking of now.

So in the mean time, it’s lots and lots of explanation around here. Why we celebrate Christmas, what it means to us, why it even matters and how it can lead us to pray as we play together and enjoy how richly we’ve been blessed.

He’s still going to cry I’m pretty sure…


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