Remember that post I wrote about traditions? Well, we have been working on a few new ones and I am pretty excited about them! Last week, the boys and I went to a place that I’ve never been but has been in my home town for as long as I have been there. Which is truly sad! I can’t believe we had never been to Daniel’s Farm in St. Peters! What a fun place with so much stuff to see and do. My boys had such a blast running around and playing. Chase was totally zonked when we got home and voluntarily took a nap! (Side Note: Naps are going the way of the DoDo slowly but surely for this boy. He’s starting not to go to sleep when we put him to bed on days he has had a nap.)

We had so much fun at this place. They had BEAUTIFUL mums, all sorts of preserves and butters, gourds and pumpkins. There were old tractors and farm equipment to look at and play with, fun kids-sized farm vehicles to ride and peddle, corn-boxes (in lieu of sand) to jump in and enjoy, slides, a train, a fort, giant tractor swings, a hay maze and various animals to see. I wouldn’t call it a petting zoo though. They had fences blocking you and a reminder that the animals might taste your fingers!

I can’t wait to make this a new tradition for our family. In fact, we might go back next weekend with Daddy (we went with Mommy friends from church) and find a good place to take the kids picture so we can watch them grow through the years.

I love tradition…

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