I don’t have much going on this week that I would consider blog-worthy. In fact, I am in the midst of cleaning and attempting to clean out my kids’ closets. You know all those clothes that  don’t fit the rapidly growing children, but still hang in the closet or sit in the dresser anyway? Yeah, those clothes need to be put away and organized big time. Because it never fails that I ask them or someone else to dress them and they put on/put themselves into that very thing that doesn’t fit? Yeah, that stuff. I need to put it away…times 3. Ugh.

But as I clean and organize – all that boring stuff – I can at least use my blog for something good. Really, really good.

Our friends the Stuart’s are looking to adopt a child from Russia. Kelli has a deep heart for the country, the people and the language. (Her own children speak Russian as does she!) Would you take a look at her blog and consider joining them in prayer or by giving? Their goal is to have 1,000 people give $10.00 by January 1 of 2013. Please spread the word!

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