I do not claim to be any sort of potty training guru. So don’t attribute too much to what I’m about to tell you, ok?

Chase is fully potty-trained; day AND NIGHT!

This past week I noticed he was consistently dry. I’ve been having him take naps without a pull up for about 2 weeks now (and off/on throughout the summer). He has had zero issue. So Friday night, we tried having him sleep in big boy underpants. He woke up dry! And he did it again Saturday night and again Sunday night! This morning, we officially deemed Chase completely potty trained!


Know what this means?

I only have one child in diapers.


I’m so happy. The child who made me so afraid, the child who I was petrified to potty train, the child who drove me nuts whilst being potty trained…he is potty trained. It is finished.



I love this boy so much

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