The alarm went off at 6:00 am. Time for Momma to get up and wake the baby up. I nurse Cecelia and a cup of coffee to get my mind moving. Slowly the rest of them wake. Next is the second born who drags his sleepy body, puppy and blankie into bed with me. Then I hear it, Cooper is awake. I hear him stretch out his long body and breathe deeply. Suddenly, he is clapping his hands. “YES!!” I hear him excitedly say. He rushes down the ladder of his bunk bed and into my room. “MOM!!! Today I have school!”

We got out the door in plenty of time. There was no rush. And yet, in my peaceful or maybe sleepy state, I forgot to take the morning picture! “Oh well, I’ll have to get it later” I tell myself. As I’m sitting in the carpool line I remember his lanyard. SHOOT! The lanyard alerts the staff that he is a first grader and might need a little extra help getting to where he needs to be for class.  I know he knows where he is going, I’ve reminded him what room number and what his teacher’s name is. It’s our turn in line. I pull forward and he’s off. Eagerly jumping out of the car with a “bye Mom, bye Chase! Bye Cecelia!”. A teacher from last year remembers him and sweetly chats with him, making sure he knows where he’s going.

I watch him run/walk up to the school and then he’s gone.


Having a seven year old boy is fun most of the time. I’ve learned what to expect. He isn’t a wealth of information. He plays with kids and never asks them what their names are, yet he’ll deem them his “good buddies”. (Only 2 boys have the title of best friend, and thankfully, he knows their names.) I asked him how his day was when I picked him up. “Good!” That was his reply. I asked him to expound upon that. He asked me what “expound” means.

Eventually I gathered that he likes where he sits in the class and can see just fine (he is in the very back/last row and I’m not a fan of that location). He sits next to a girl whose name is Rebekah but no one is on the other side of him. His friend Grace sits in front of him. They didn’t do centers yet, they will later. They sang 2 songs in music class, but he can’t remember what they were called. But they were silly. He thinks they’ll sing more serious songs later on in the year. He sat with Grace at lunch. He had 3 recesses. In fact, his near exact comment was “Mom, I had three recesses today and so I’m really tired. Is it ok if I just watch Wild Kratts instead of play outside?”.  He ate all his lunch and was so hungry. He started to get really tired towards the end of the school day and said it was hard for him to stay awake.

That’s it. That’s the report.

By the way, we kept our tradition of going out for ice cream on the first day of school evening. Lyons Frozen Custard…where is that picture? Hmmm…

we recreated the morning scene when he got home
He was pretty amped up about his day.
But he eventually calmed down.

While I know he won’t tell me about the kids in his class or his teachers right away, I know I’ll eventually gather enough data, both on my own and through his commentary, that’ll suffice my interest. But it’ll never be a lot of detail. He’s a boy. His stories are still limited to Star Wars and Lego Batman video game experiences. I hear a lot of “Mom, did you know that on Lego Batman….” and “Mom, if you have a red light saber it means…”

One thing I do appreciate? Cooper is not too cool to give me hugs and kisses. Wet kisses I might add. I’m so glad he is excited about school. But most of all, I’m happy that he is excited about life. He is vivacious and curious and energetic. Everything a little boy should be.

Happy first day of first grade little buddy. I love being a part of your growing up.


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