Today I sharpened 22 pencils with one of those tiny, hand-held pencil sharpeners. Cooper sharpened 2 in the same amount of time it took me to sharpen 22… Note-to-Self: Purchase auto-sharpener.

I bought new ice packs for his lunch box and I bought 50 lunch box notes to stick in his lunch throughout the year. I know I could write my own, but these are SO cute! And they do have places on them for me to write my own note to him.

Tonight, we meet Cooper’s first-grade teacher, see his classroom and drop off his school supplies. I’m not sure, but I think he will be sitting at a desk! I kind of wonder if he’ll be the kid with the horribly messy desk or the one with a desk that has a semblance of order. I can’t tell by how his bedroom looks, that wouldn’t be fair. He shares said room with a three-year old. Remember, the three-year-old a.k.a. F5 tornado Chase? Yeah…that guy.

Cooper has a friend from church in his classroom this year. I’m excited to see if anyone else he knows will be in there. I’m VERY excited to meet his teacher too. Oooh…I should send him to school with a gift…hmmmm…..I may need to spend some time on Pinterest tonight.

Tuesday we will be celebrating the final day of summer by going to the same place we’ve gone all summer; the pool! Our dear friend Marybill has an in-ground pool that she blesses me and some of my Mommy friends with each summer. She gives us 2 days a week to come to her house and swim all morning and afternoon. My children have learned to swim at her pool! It’s so special. And I’m beginning to think that throwing him in the pool with his friends is a great way to learn. Lesson-schmesson. (I do know the value of proper training…don’t leave me goopy comments about swim lessons.) Tomorrow I promised Cooper we’d go early and stay a little later than usual. (Pssst…both my children are both going to bed at 7 pm tomorrow!)

Wednesday we will be up bright and early for our first day of school. I actually have no plans for the day once Cooper is at school. I’m pretty sure I’ll need to change that. Chase will be so sad. I know he will miss his buddy. It’s sweet to see him appreciate having a play mate. It’s all Chase has ever known! I’m excited for next year when Cecelia is old enough to enjoy pestering her brother. That should be interesting…This time when brother is at school also means fun hands-on learning and focused time for Chase. Numbers, colors, painting, play doh, oh the fun we shall have. Only one more year till the little man is in pre-school!

We always celebrate the first day of school by treating the kids to ice cream. We’ve found a new FAVORITE ice cream place too; Lyons frozen custard in old St. Charles near Duchesne High School. They have THE BEST chocolate custard I’ve ever eaten. I can taste the cocoa. It is super chocolatey. And super cheap! Hurray for spending $5.00 for my entire family to have ice cream.  Those cutesy frozen yogurt places are great and all, but they are so expensive! $20.00 for family ice cream is ridiculous. I’d rather support the small business anyway. Ahem. Sorry for that rabbit trail…

See, my brain is still in summer vacay mode.

Another thing I am really looking forward to this week is taking my niece to Jilly’s Cupcake Bar (The A-Go-Go one in Des Peres) for her birthday on Thursday! She is 9 years old and gosh, as kids grow older, experiences are so much more fun than “things”. I see it in my own kids at every birthday. Stuff is great and all kids like it. But as an adult, I like that special time and the chance to create a memory.

Summer was fun and now it is almost done. Time to shift my Mommy gears! Here’s to shifting.

And here is Cecelia, ’cause she’s cute.

She is now big enough for the bumbo! Hurray for head control! (And Daddy’s to laugh at)

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