So, remember back in May of this year? Yeah, we had just had baby Cecelia. But better yet, my FIRST baby graduated from Kindergarten! I completely forgot to post this as I was catching up with blogging back in June. As we head towards the big first day back to school next week (gulp), it prompted me to think back to that special day.

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Cooper led the line walking out to the stage. He was SO proud;that boy just beamed from ear to ear. Cooper must have waved at us a million times in the course of that hour! The students sang a few cute songs (which they all took VERY seriously), we watched a slide show of various activities from the year (with the song “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” from Toy Story.) and then, their names were read as they walked across the stage to receive their “diploma”. It was pretty great watching the kids attempt to shake an adult’s hand and not crack up laughing. All the students were giddy!

Afterwords, we took a few pictures together, then made our way up to the front of the stage to snag Mrs. Peterson. She was a wonderful teacher for Cooper this past year. He adored her. I’ll never forget the day he cheerily announced on the way home from school that he had reached his “hug limit” or “hug quota” for the day with Mrs. P! I laughed SO hard. That’s our boy! Hugging and loving on everyone. Have I ever mentioned that he actually eats dinner with one hand on Jeremy’s arm. He must always be touching someone. (I’m worried about how this will play out in Junior High and High School….tackle football?)

Anyway, Mrs. P was the perfect teacher for him this past year. She got him to do things that I just couldn’t get him to do at home with his reading. She helped him excel by going out of her way to get him more challenging “morning work” for him to do rather than just ignoring the fact that the Kindergarten work came so easily to him. I so appreciated the way that she worked with him. She helped him when he was stuck on some math concepts (counting by 5’s was tricky for him to get) and encouraged him to try rather than give up so easily. At the beginning of the year my son HATED to color. He wouldn’t even do it. By the end of the school year, he was coloring well and would even do it by his own choosing. There were things that I just didn’t know how to explain to him, concepts I struggled to communicate to him at a level he could understand. She was able to encourage him and explain those things to him and she did it well. She saw Cooper for who God made him to be and she just plain noticed him. She knew him and she took the time to do so. That was such a gift to me as a mom.

Cooper grew and excelled under her care and I’m so grateful! I can’t wait to see what first grade will hold. I hope I’m not too spoiled by my experience with such a great teacher.

2 thoughts on “Kindergarten Graduation

  1. Wait, wait, wait. So you had a baby, but better than that, your oldest graduated kindergarten. Really, your oldest graduating kindergarten is BETTER than having a baby. I object. Or do you mean you had a baby AND your oldest graduated kindergarten. Oh, maybe that’s what you mean.

    1. Yeah, that’s what I mean. The AND part is important. It wasn’t better. I should rephrase it? Well, you know what I mean. 😉

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