Friday night, Jeremy and I celebrated our date night at Brasserie in the Central West End. It was so much fun! His boss surprised us with a fancy bottle of champagne too. (It was delish!) This whole endeavor made Jeremy and I realize that we are horrid students of our city! There is a very long list of restaurants we have never been to; a problem we intend to rectify as soon as possible. When I asked for recommendations for excellent restaurants on Facebook, I had almost 20 sent to me! I think I had heard of 3.  My friend Michelle sent me this link of the 40 Best Restaurants in St. Louis and it was immensely helpful.

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We enjoyed our dinner immensely; boeuf bourguignon for Jeremy and baked chicken with wild mushrooms for me. His was better, but mine was pretty awesome! We had a delicious cheese plate (full of cheeses we could neither pronounce or ever heard of) to start with. It came with roasted grapes (um, yum!) and some raisin chutney. For dessert, creme brulee and chocolate mousse! And coffee of course. The creme brulee was just ok in my estimation. I’ve had MUCH better. It tasted overcooked to me. (What a snob I am!)

Afterwords, we were trying to decide what to do. We considered a movie but felt that was too cliche. So we opted for the Chinese Lantern Festival at the Missouri Botanical Gardens. Win! It was quite funny actually, we realized as we were walking around that we had our wedding photos taken at the Gardens on our wedding day! HA! So there we were, in the same spot we had been 10 years prior. I took a picture of the spot we stood, but didn’t think to have someone else take a picture of us in that spot. (I did mention the champagne, right?) The Festival displays were beautiful and the evening was so nice weather-wise too. A refreshing break from the triple digit temps we have had lately.

This was also the first night I left Cecelia! AH! Thankfully, she is a compliant little angel and she was all too happy to take a bottle. We tried a bottle for the first time on July 14. I’m noting that mostly for myself. She’s the best baby!

Happy Anniversary to us! I love you babe!

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