This afternoon I opened my neglected email inbox and saw an email from BabyCenter that read “Your Three Month Old: Week 1”. WHAAAAAA???

Cecelia is 3 months old today!

I knew it was coming and all; it’s just hard to see it in print like that. It’s so…official.

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Cecelia is doing exceptionally well. She is such a delight! I am astonished daily by just how peaceful and sweet she is. Currently, she has a bit of a cold. Chase and I have been passing it back and forth this month. I washed my hands like an OCD fiend, but alas, she still got the sniffles. It’s very sad to see a baby sick. Green boogers dribbling down her face when she sneezes, coughing and sometimes choking on mucus as it slides down her throat.

Ick! (Being human is amazingly gross.)

But despite struggling to breathe through her tiny little stuffed up nose when she nurses and getting frustrated, even while sick she has maintained her demeanor. Have I mentioned that I love, love, love this little girl?

In the last three months Cecelia has learned to: laugh, to smile, to coo, to hold and lift her head and turn it side to side, to suck her thumb, and she has just started to notice her hands! She concentrates VERY hard when she sees one of them and she has been practicing opening her hands rather than keeping them clenched all the time. She has started to try to grab at things close to her too. It’s not coordinated and she’s seldom successful, but it’s cute nonetheless! She has been practicing punching the monkey on her play mat too. She smiles at herself when she sees her reflection and she’ll talk and talk to that baby in the mirror. Just this week she started to do the “superman” move on her tummy where she pushes up with her hands and holds her head up with her legs up too. It’s so cute!

Now, you must be nice to me when I tell you that Cecelia has been sleeping through the night for a while now. In fact, it was about one week after I got back from Seattle (back in June) that she was doing it consistently. Her cold did set her back a few times last week. She wasn’t eating as much and was waking up around 3 am. It’s VERY hard to go back to getting up to nurse a baby after you just accomplished sleeping through the night. I was so tired last week!

Cecelia is still loving her brothers and her Daddy very much. In fact, Daddy and Chase seem to be her favorite people these days. (Though Mommy and Cooper are still quite high in the rankings.) She gets so excited when she sees one of us or even hears our voices; she kicks her legs and squirms and wiggles and smiles. It’s just down right melty to your heart! I must say that a lot too because the boys have taken to saying “Oh my heart!” and pretending to fall on the floor in oozy gooeyiness. He he he he he…they are so funny.

I mastered the Moby wrap finally! It’s so great too! One of my good friends told me that when I finally get the hang of it, I will wish it legal to drive with it on. So TRUE! It can be quite a hassle to put on even though it is wonderful once you get it all situated.

Cecelia weighed in at 13 lbs this month at her well-baby visit! She handled her immunizations well too. I know it is a small thing, but whenever the boys had their immunizations as babies, they would look right at my face while the nurse was sticking them with needles as if to say “how could you let this woman hurt me like this mom?!” and I always hated it. Cried every time. I was not looking forward to Cecelia looking at me like that. But to my surprise, the poor baby turned her head as if she was trying to hide from the whole world when she was getting her shots. Poor sweet girl! I immediately put her in the Moby wrap when she was done and she fell asleep. I felt so sorry for my little girl. Shots suck, no matter how you slice it.

Her eyes are still the clearest and brightest of blues. I’m hoping they stay, but Chase had blue eyes until he was around 18 months. (Though, his were what I called “stormy” blue and almost grey.) Her hair hasn’t really fallen out and though I wished for a red-head, it looks like she shall remain a brunette (with highlights).

I can’t believe how fast this is all moving! But we are having a good time. Daily fashion shows and all.

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