This morning I listened to one of my best friends recant to me the horror she awoke to the other day: Her two-year old son was standing next to her bed at 6 am saying “Mommy, come see I do! Come see I do!”. Her first response was “what are you doing out of your room?” as she sleepily pulled herself out of bed and obediently followed him into their living room. He proudly presented his artwork to her: a black ink pen scribble all over her Sigh.

Oh, life with a toddler/preschooler.

Oh,life with the second born.

I’ve experienced the gamment of naughtiness with my second-born preschooler. He took me by surprise you know. That’s my only excuse for these shananigans. My first-born just never thought like that. I mean he had his fair share of naughtiness and general mischief, but never to the level and creativity of his younger brother.

For example, last night I decided to share with my children a treat my mom made for us growing up. It was always one of my favorites. Chocolate “mousse” is what I know it as. But basically, it’s chocolate pudding with cool whip in the middle layer.


I encouraged my kids to finish their dinner and told them that the mousse would be their evening treat if they did. Alas, Chase did not finish his dinner. (i.e. he didn’t touch it…at all) Side note: we don’t make our kids clean their plate if they are full. But we do encourage them to eat SOMETHING.  Chase, who is 3, generally doesn’t eat much and we are working on him. Cooper ate his dinner and thus had the pudding. But Chase had to feel the pain of loss. No pudding for him.

We cleaned up for the night and got the kids ready for bed as usual. Once everyone was down, we decided to enjoy a little television and alone time. We went down to the basement so as not to bother the kiddos. Chase was up several times with various excuses and requests. Each time he came out he was sent back to bed.  After an hour or so, we decided we would enjoy a treat too. My husband went upstairs, grabbed some pudding and brought it down with some spoons. I looked at mine and laughed. I asked him “did you stick your fingers in this?!” to which he looked at me with a blank stare. Uh-oh. It instantly dawned on me. I asked him to look at his pudding cup.

Yup, sure enough. Two little finger marks in his also.

That little stinker!

Chase had been up alright… He was sneaking finger blobs of chocolate pudding from the fridge!

I laughed hysterically. Jeremy and I both had to recover and discuss whether we would let it go or whether we would call him on it. Jeremy cheerfully decided he would have a chat with him. He went upstairs and crawled into bed with Chase, who was still awake.

“Hi Daddy!”

“Chase,” he said. “Did you stick your fingers in the pudding cups?”

Immediate, hysterical crying ensued.


Jeremy had to coax the truth out of the little man and try to maintain his composure. He finally succeeded after assuring Chase that we were not “mad” however, we needed the truth. He finally confessed with great big tears. Jeremy hugged him and explained to him that he shouldn’t do that and why…blah, blah, blah.

He hugged and kissed the silly boy and then came back down. We both laughed a good while about it.

The next day, I cleaned up chocolate smudge marks off the handle of the refrigerator door and chuckled again to myself.

he is so melty, even in his mischief

That boy is so charming and sneaky!

Isn’t life with little ones interesting? People say I’ll miss this stuff one day. I dunno. I think I could live without pen marks on my new furniture and the like. Cute episodes of guilty crocodile tears for sneaking chocolate pudding is pretty hilarious though…



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