Today, I widdled my day away with laundry, a trip to Target (yes, I had my hair fixed and make up on!) and some special time writing in my childrens’ journals.  At first, when I was thinking about what I’ve accomplished thus far in my day I thought,”what a lazy day”! But then it occurred to me that maybe that’s a bigger deal than I was making it. When was the last time I spent an afternoon writing notes to my kids?

Apparently it was 2010…

This tradition began when my first born son, Cooper, was 10 months old. He had begun to grow so fast but I simply didn’t have the time to scrap book everything that was happening. (This is before my now-beloved digital photo books were in production.) I was working full-time and life was so busy! The words of Deuteronomy 6:4-9  had impacted me greatly at this point also. I felt like I needed to talk about life and the Lord to my child in a different way.

So, I went out and bought a small spiral-bound notebook that I could keep on the counter in the kitchen. It was meant to be out all the time originally. Until that is, my precious child started walking and touching and coloring things. Then I put the notebook in my bedroom or just away. (I have many a note that says “you scribbled here, oops, Mommy left your book out again!”.)

Little treasures

I continued the tradition for Chase, but sadly, the second born got so much love that I had no time to write. I have less than 5 entries in Chase’s journal. (Which actually shows a lot about his early days. He was a colicky child and Jeremy was deployed from the time he was six to eighteen months old!)

When I was at Target today, I finally bought a journal for Cecelia. (Notice how pretty hers is? Hey, she’s a girl. And I’ve changed.)  I sat down this afternoon and spent several hours in each kiddos journals. Don’t worry all you middle children out there, I started with Chase’s journal first.

I write all sorts of things in their journals; from short little snippets of funny or awful things they’ve said or done, to long prayers or ways I have seen God move in their lives, to birthday letters and lists of their accomplishments at each stage of life. My plan is to one day give them to the kids. But I don’t let them read them themselves. There are some things I want to save. Some things I want them to read with the mind and heart of an adult. They do know about their books. I’ve told them they are very special and they are only for Mommy and Daddy to write in. They are our special treasures.

In the mean time, I occasionally look at them and recount a few pages to them. It’s so fun to see what my daily life used to be like with one, then two and now three children. Things have changed so much.  They have grown and changed and so have their Father and I. God really wasn’t kidding when he said that one day is like a thousand to Him (2 Peter 3:8). I get that.

Today, the tradition continued. I have a renewed sense of affection in writing to them. I think the books will have to return to my bedside table or maybe even an upper kitchen counter.

One thought on “Creating Traditions

  1. You know Tiff….you are a wonderful mom. You never ce4ase to amaze me with your insights, overwhelming love for your children and my son. I am a blessed Dad because you are such a blessing to my son and grandchildren. I read your writings and they touch my heart every time. I wonder someday if you will write for publication. Not just because you write so well, but becasue I want everyone to know what a great mom you are. You make this father-in-law a truly happy man and I love you for that.

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