My Weakness

You know how super heroes have weaknesses? Well, my kryptonite has expanded exponentially in the 4 weeks since giving birth to Cecelia. You see, my weakness is mail and paperwork. Oh…how I LOATHE it with seething hot steamy loathing!

Yes, just allow one week’s worth of mail to stack up and I’m a disaster. Make it 4 weeks of mail, and the end of the school year (oi the stuff they bring home!), and all the paperwork that comes with a new person in the household and being out of town and stir it all up with a husband who has been writing papers and working late…and you get…THIS!

This isn’t even the half of it

I put all that stuff into one pile with the intention of going through it almost two weeks ago. It has sat in the middle of the floor since I did that.

I have attempted for Y-E-A-R-S to improve in this area. You know what I get for it? A desire to throw EVERYTHING away. I’ve tried all sorts of organization tips and tricks and I’ve found that what works best is to just pitch as much as possible. But the pile, it… it TAUNTS ME!

And someone let loose a tornado on top of my piles. It looks like this:

Tornado….I’d call it an F5

Tornado Boy feels it is necessary to follow me throughout the house like a shadow and leave a toy trail like breadcrumbs. What’s he doing? Trying to find his way back to his room?

My older friends crack up at me and say stuff like, one day I’ll miss all the hand prints on the glass, boogers on the walls, and pee on the toilet seat. Mmmm…I really don’t think I will miss that. In fact, I’m pretty positive I will not miss it. Hands, noses and little tooshies, maybe. But what they leave behind, not so much.

My goal is to get a handle on the top 3 messy zones of this house by the end of June: the bar (which is loaded with stuff that needs to go to Goodwill), the Den and my dining room. These rooms are not storage areas people! I will prevail!

Now could someone please do something about that blasted Tornado that keeps undoing what I’ve done all day?