I’m paying a price by writing this right now. It’s costing me a dirty house, a trip to the market for tonight’s dinner entree, laundry, pulling some much overgrown weeds and planting flowers, as well as writing thank you letters, sending emails, cleaning up my inbox and wrapping presents.

I’m a master procrastinator. But truly, I prefer to look at it as selfishly reorganizing my priorities for what I want to do, rather than what needs to be done. That sounds so much nicer and less self-incriminating, doesn’t it? 😉

Regardless, I have had such a fun 2 months. So much has happened that I can’t wrap my mind around it all. We celebrated Easter with friends and family, our niece’s birthday and the birth of our third baby, we jumped hoops to accomplish some grown-up issues (like getting our roof replaced), we celebrated our first son’s kindergarten graduation, we traveled for work and for play and tomorrow we will celebrate Father’s Day. Shew! I feel like summer is already passing me by. And yet, we made it! We all survived an incredibly busy two months.

I won’t remember all the junk that I listed above in a year. I won’t remember that my house was dirty, that there was laundry to do or that my yard looked horrendous. But what I will remember is all the fun things we leapfrogged through. That’s the price of my blog and you know what?  It’s worth the price.

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