While we lived in WA state (from ’07-11), we were introduced to some parenting classes and concepts that were very new to us. It was the Growing Kids God’s Way/ Baby Wise series by Ezzo & Ezzo. I had heard horrid things about this method of parenting before, (i.e. that it was abusive and over-the-top) so I was nervous. But the majority of our friends had done this study course before and had nothing but rave reviews for it. We were witnesses of what we thought was their great parenting too (which was not even remotely abusive or over-the-top), so we agreed to working through the DVD’s and the study materials.

The information we gleaned from that material completely revolutionized our parenting style! (And gave us great jokes about ’80’s clothing styles, hair-do’s and more!) At the time, we had one child who was around 2 years old. We learned so much and it changed everything as we have since added two more kids to our brood. I know it sounds dumb, but I never knew that I could tell my child “no” at such an early age and expect obedience! I still remember my eldest throwing food and being the biggest stinker as a 10 + month old child. I wish someone would have told me not to let him take advantage of me and that he DOES understand how to obey even at that young age (to an extent).

Within our peer groups, I’ve still heard a lot of controversy surrounding this method. (Most of the arguments concern the Ezzo’s themselves, and not necessarily the methods. ) But it has worked so well for us and we feel our kids are amazing as they are because of it. Our now six and three quarters year old gets rave reviews from adults all the time and is our “proof” that the material is excellent. My now three year old slept through the night by the time he was 8 weeks old!

The point of all this is that I am doing the GKGW/Baby Wise method with Cecelia, our  newest addition, too. She is already doing so well! Today she is 3 weeks old and she is already sleeping and eating on a lovely schedule. Last night, she ate at 8:00 pm, fell asleep and slept until 12:30 am! Then she ate again and slept until 5:30 am this morning. WAHOO! I think we are well on our way to sleeping through the night by 6-8 weeks.

Sleep, Eat, Play, REPEAT!

I don’t have many hilarious stories these days, but hey, sleep IS exciting to me! If you want a funny story, read my friend Kelli Stuart’s blog. You might pee your pants….so just count yourselves forewarned.


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