When I was in college, one of my favorite classes was on group dynamics and how communication functions within them based upon the people they are comprised of. I wish I would have paid more attention to the element of the “new person” and how it upsets the dynamics of the group. It’s like pushing a reset button.

New babies are definitely reset buttons.

While the addition of our sweet girl has been delightful and made all of us very swooney, it has been a challenge to accomplish daily life stuff! I think I’m surprised that I’m still in the “survival mode” function because I feel superb, but feeling good and even “normal” does not mean I am back to my previous levels of functionality.


So while we adjust, I’ve changed the header on my blog to represent where I’d like to be or where I am in my head much of the day. And for all my non-Facebook friends, here are some pictures of my little petunia.

P.S. I’ve realized recently that the camera on my phone is actually a better camera then my point-and-click. Isn’t that ridiculous? So all my pictures of Cecelia are on my phone. And it is a challenge to get them off my phone because our computer is dying. BOOO!

P.P.S. Her brothers love and adore her! They are very cuddly and sweet with her. I’m surprised by the empathy and compassion they have and yet, I shouldn’t be. They are such loving kiddos! She will learn well from them. 😀

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