Yup, we’ve got nothing on the baby front. Still.

My BF and L&D (that’s Labor and Delivery) nurse, Crystal, tells me I need to calm down. So if I have to calm down, so do you guys…he he he he he…wink wink.

My due date is still 7 days away. Cooper is being HILARIOUS about counting down the days. I’m still hoping for Friday or Saturday. Because it’s my body and I can do that…doesn’t mean she’ll listen but hey, a girl can hope.

Here’s a picture of me in all my belly glory!

Chase really wanted to be in this one too. Poor middle kid....

3 thoughts on “Nothing? Still?!

  1. You look beautiful! Lord, I pray that you will just give Tiffany and Jeremy and all their family and friends a sense of peace, take away their anxiousness, and remind them that your timing is perfect! Amen… 🙂

  2. Cuuuute picture! Miss CeCe can come now that you have such a sweet picture. As for the waiting game… I hear ya, sister! I always try to keep busy, just like you are, and remind myself of all the crucial brain development that happens during week 39. You’re building a smartie in there!

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