When you are put into a position where you are responsible for the things that go into a little person’s body, one whom you love so very much like your kids, you start to stop and look at exactly what you are giving that little person. I used to care a lot less about what I gave my kids and I think I used to know a lot less about what I actually was giving them.

I was raised on Chef Boyardee, Hamburger Helper, Kool-Aid and McDonald’s. I turned out alright…even though I struggled with my weight from 8th grade through college….

As my kids (and I) grow older though, I have started to read the labels of things. This doesn’t mean I don’t give them stuff I know is not good for them. It just means I at least look at it.

Easter was one of those times where I happened to look at the labels on the candies the kids were given. I was floored by the amount of junk in the candies!  (I’ve since moved towards dried fruit and other things that are “like” candy but not quite this bad; marshmallows, fruit snacks, etc.) I can’t say I don’t give them any candy (they had Mike and Ike’s and some little chocolate eggs in their baskets) but I can say I’ve scaled WAAAAAYYYY back on how much they get.

Just as a fun example take this “Reester” chocolate-peanut-butter bunny the boys each got in their baskets. (not from us, sorry family member who shall remain namelessly under the bus 😉 )

big bunny
This is a huge chunk of candy!

The label on the back is nice and sweet if you aren’t using your basic math skills. It looks pretty harmless at first glance. Oh, only 180 calories?

wait, how many servings are in this thing?

Uh-huh, until you do the math.

Just multiply by 4 allllllll the way down the label

Wow. If you were watching your calories and attempting to stay in the 1200-1500 range, you would have 480-780 calories left for the whole day. Ew.

It’s so gross just thinking about it.

I’m not as healthy a cook or consumer as I’d like to be. But whoa, is that ever a wake up call!


One thought on “Confessions of a Label-Reading Mom

  1. Preach it girl! I think sometimes we as parents are so worried about what we eat but think “oh they’re just kids, let them have fun” ect. But their little bodies need even more nutritious stuff and less bad stuff than our adult bodies. If you look around America today you can obviously see that we have a major problem with candy, processed foods, fast food, and sugary drinks. It’s our job to teach, show, and model to our children what a healthy diet looks like. If we don’t do it, who will?

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