As I’m waiting for something to happen with this little munchkin baby, I’m trying to find places that involve lots of walking and yet will entertain the boys. I’m a little nervous about the zoo (though it may come to that), so last week, we went to the Missouri Botanical Gardens!

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It was a beautiful day weather-wise and the boys were so very happy to run off their energy all around the Children’s Garden. Cooper had the day all planned out before we even hit the highway that morning: First, we’ll go to the Children’s Garden and play, then we’ll eat lunch and finally, we’ll walk back to the Japanese Garden and feed the coi fish. When we’re all done with that, we will walk around the Garden until it’s time to leave!

He was thrilled to have the day ordered. So that is exactly what we did. It was great fun. By the end of the day I was walking VERY slowly towards the front of the Garden. (The Japanese Garden where the coi fish are is all the way in the back.) But luckily, there were plenty of waterfalls, ponds, rocks and such to jump over and onto as well as little pathways for them to discover as I meandered along.

It was a really fun day!


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