We are 3 weeks out from having this baby! I remember that I’m not always the most pleasant person towards the end of a pregnancy. I’m tired and usually irritated about various things. It’s hard to have limited mobility and a very active mind (and a happy heart). They don’t mesh well. I keep thinking of details, details, details and can only muster up so much energy to take care of those cursed little details!

I have forgotten to mention sooo many fun things that have happened last month and so far this month that I thought a Hodge-Podge post would be good for this week. First, the fun stuff that happened!

The first week of March, my small group surprised me by whisking me away to an evening of pampering. I was totally shocked-they got me so good! They took me out to get a delightful pedicure and then, diner at Pei Wei! (Pei Wei is the speedy version of P.F. Chang’s that the same chain owns.) It was very much needed after a crazy busy day and it was very encouraging and refreshing. Thanks ladies!

The second weekend of March, my sister, Jessie, sister-in-law, Jen and BF, Amy, threw me a baby shower! Everything was decorated in the colors of Cecelia’s room; blue, white and yellow (and some grey). It was a very fun and girly day filled with squeals and ooh’s and ahhh’s. One of my favorite things about the shower was having my two nieces there with me. They are excited for their little cousin and they were so fun to watch at this girly party. They helped me open presents and danced and twirled in their party dresses. It was very….girly!

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Then, the last week of March, my BF in Washington state did a cool and techy thing; she threw me a Skype shower! She and all my friends in WA got presents and shipped this huge box of stuff to me. I couldn’t open it until the evening of the shower. We fired up Skype on both our ends, the girls came over to Crystal’s house and she provided all the fun shower-fare. Then we talked and laughed and they watched me open the box! Isn’t that so fun and creative?! I had such a blast. I’m totally without pictures though! Because you know…we were online. 😀

March was a month of fun showers and parties!

Then April hit. We have been finishing up Cecelia’s room, but we still aren’t totally done yet. Pictures will come when we are though! The boy’s room is still in need of finishing and that just makes me tired thinking about it. We had a lovely Easter but the worst thing happened last Thursday night: I got food poisoning!

I’ve had food poisoning 3 times in my life and it always is an awful experience. But having it when you are 9 months pregnant….oi vey it’s the WORST! In fact, it’s Tuesday and I’m still having a rough time doing meal planning/cooking and eating because nothing sounds good at ALL. I still feel like I’d just rather not eat…ever. EW.

The boys are doing excellent and are so excited about their sister. I am eager to see how they adjust to having a new baby in the house. I have a feeling “GO OUTSIDE!” may be a common phrase for my wiggle worms.

By the way, the room collaboration couldn’t have gone better. They have done excellent crammed in that little room. We need organization desperately, but I keep thinking it’ll all work out…..eventually.

Cooper is reading at an amazing pace. I’m so impressed with his vocabulary and how well he is sounding things out. He read a 48 page book to all of us this weekend! He’s also finally getting how to count by 5’s. He’s been doing some simple addition and subtraction and I’m just so darn impressed with him.

Chase finally has his colors down. He’s also doing a little better with numbers. He’s still a very silly little boy and will intentionally mess it up if you ask him to recite 1-10 for you. The best thing ever though? He can buckle his own seat belt! Hallelujah! Ahhh…the joys of increasingly independent children. (Let’s not discuss the sorrows of them ;))

good looking boys!

I know this is kind of personal but in other news, Jeremy and I paid off all our unsecured debt this month! WAHOOO! House and school loans are all we have left. We are so blessed! I am amazed that God has brought us so far in one year. Should I be? Why do I second guess my Lord?

Jeremy got all A’s last semester in his course work! He is entering his classes that are actually a part of his major now and things have really ramped up. We are nervous about the next few months and all the busy things happening. Jeremy will be training/grading the EIB (Expert Infantry Badge) training for two weeks in June in southern MO. His class load has much more work this semester and the two weeks off with the National Guard will be a challenge, even though Lindenwood counts it as an excused absence. Then you know, there’s the whole baby thing! HA! And school ends for Cooper.

For now, I call this next 3 weeks “the calm before the storm”. I’m trying to soak up every bit of sleep and rest I can as well as get all the little things I can do now done and off my list. I keep trying to make myself dream of summer. I can’t help but think of Will Smith’s classic song, “Summertime”…mmmmmm…..

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