I wrote this post last Wednesday after a super productive day. It’s good encouragement for a Monday…well, for me anyway! 

I love it when all sorts of loose details, questions and concerns all come together in one glorious day and get tied up in a nice, neat little knot. There’s nothing better than tied up loose ends. Lately, I’ve been fretting in the middle of the night (as my busy mind duals it out with my not-going-to-let-you-sleep contractions) about all the things that feel so loose to me concerning this pregnancy:

Her room isn’t done.

Where in the world are my baby blankets, sheets, washcloths, etc.?

Which doula should I pick?

Will I have a good labor and birth?

Will we make it to the hospital?

My doctor guessed Cecelia is breech, but I don’t think she is. What if I’m wrong?

What if my new doctor in the practice is awful?

You know, all those lovely types of things that float through a pregnant ladies’ head making her batty.  Well, today was that glorious day where the loose ends were tied! I feel super refreshed and at peace. And I took a rockin’ nap to celebrate. 😀

Adorable little hat for this fall/winter my BF got for Cecelia from my favorite hat lady in Seattle at Pike Place market. It's just so happy! Look at the cute little worm!

I had my 35 week appointment today. I met the other doctor in the practice and L-O-V-E-D her! And she works and prefers the weekend shifts. Cecelia is INDEED and most certainly head down! WAHOOO! The doc said “let’s just do a quickie ultrasound for everyone’s peace of mind” and there she was! Her big glorious head, puffy cheeks and cute little button nose. Sigh of relief!

I can't wait for Cecelia to wear this sweet little dress my friend Jessica got for her! I mean, it stands up on it's own!!

My doc was attentive, kind, not in a rush, she was informative for all my weird little questions and it was so great!

I found a box of baby blankets, sheets, etc. today. I hung Cecelia’s curtains. Jeremy moved the crib in there last night. Jeremy and I decided on a doula and I’m super happy with the move because I already know her. She’s a friend! YAY!

girl baby blankets? CHECK! Thanks Shari and Courtney! I have three cute little blankies I love for her. Here is the one that matches her bedding.

I sold some of my baby boy stuff on Craigslist so I’m making room in the basement and a little cash.  I found GREAT deals on a Chicco car seat on CL too that I will be picking up tomorrow. All paid for through the sale of my other stuff.

I’m so happy I’m taking my kids (and myself) for ice cream!


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