Recently, I have been thinking a lot about a valuable commodity in my life; my time. Hence my DC Talk homage in the title of this post. I’m learning that my time is often more valuable than money. Sometimes I’m stingy with my time, sometimes I am generous with my time. Sometimes my time is just for me, sometimes it’s for anyone who asks for it. Sometimes I’ll even spend money to BUY a little time!

The busyness of our lives is a regular topic of conversation among my friends and family members. Is it cultural? Is it just the season of life we are in? Or is it really me? After all, I am the one who fills all that time. I am the one who maintains the calendar, right?

I’m an extroverted person and I like to err on the side of life that involves a little more movement and a lot more socialization. But I know better than to run myself into the ground too. Even still, I need time at home to be refreshed and to get my house in order….and then I have GOT to be around some people and play!

It all comes down to balance. I’m finally at a place in my thirties where I realize that I am responsible for how frazzled or at peace I feel. I am responsible for my time and my schedule. No one else will fix it for me, create it for me, or manage it for me. So here are a few of my ideas on how I can achieve balance in a way that works for me:

1. Create space daily to be at rest with God. To physically stop what I’m doing and ask to see His hand, His face, His presence in what is happening around me. Even if it is just 10 minutes at breakfast, a few minutes of prayer in the shower or journaling and meditation throughout the day. This always makes a big impact on the outcome of my day.

2. Look at each week as one solid unit and plan individual days of less activity, days of accomplishing home tasks/responsibilities and days of play and errands.

3. Look at each month as a whole and block out some “free” space at least one time that month. This space is held for the purpose of being free, of being spontaneous, of being available to the needs of the moment. *This is the HARDEST one for me*

It’s no miracle three-step process, but as I look around me, I feel a more pressing need to push back against the cultural pressures I feel come in contact with how I spend my time. There are natural seasons of more activity (hello to the holidays!), but I think looking at things like this will even help out with those busy times.

I’ve started to have more physical limitations as our baby grows and we all get closer to her due date. I just CAN’T do as much as I can when I’m not pregnant. Maybe that’s part of this too as I begin to remember that the way I spend my time is about to change again; drastically. It’ll bug me I’m sure of it. My Mommy-of-Three friends all tell me that the third baby just doesn’t get what the first got! HA!

In the mean time, have you thought about the time you have been given lately? Are you a good manager of it?


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