Yesterday the weather here in St. Louis was just marvelous. We haven’t had much of a winter at all. While I like solid seasons, and four of them, I can’t complain! It was lovely having a mild winter. We won’t chat about the things that will stink as a result of this mild winter though…i.e. the BUGS!

I lived it up yesterday; I wore a sleeveless shirt (I have a heater attached to me for 9 more weeks) and my beloved flippy-floppies.  But today, today the rains came. In fact, I believe they came quite loudly around 3 or 4 am, with hail.  This morning I’ve been listening to thunder and heavy rain as the keys clickety clack at the keyboard. I have a cup of decaff in hand, my hair is in a pony tail and I have my comfy sweats on.

Breathe with me, won’t you?

Spring rain clouds in Ana Cortes, WA

This is my reminder today that we all need a little space in our lives. Seasons come and go and even vary within what they are “supposed” to be. Some winters are mild, some Mommies drink deeply of the chaos of the young kids season. But regardless, we all need space in our lives to “be” who God created us to be. It is so refreshing to allow yourself a little time for that, so that you can be strengthened to go back out again.

I’m energized by people. Being around them and being busy is a BLAST for me. I feel a high. I’m learning though, that even for a person like me, walking around on the high of people and busy-ness can still be draining and I NEED to allow myself to be refreshed.

Refreshed like a cleansing rain.

So today is a refreshing and cleansing day. I’m ready for it so that I can have the strength for what is next. Are you ready?


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